The start of it all

Summer of 2008,
i just graduated middle school and was headed off to high school.
That summer, i visited my friend Chot to hang out. And for the very first time i was introduced to the electric guitar

With the background i come from. the only music i was ever familiar with was hip hop and reggaeton...not the typical genres involving a guitar.

But there was just something about that guitar that interested me And each time we,d hang out, id tell chot to bring the guitar so we can try and play it

A month or so later this led to the buying my first guitar It was a 100$ ebay guitar with a amp built in

As little kid transitioning to a teenager, i sold off half of my lego supply to afford that crappy guitar, my brother did the ordering seeing as i was underage to have an ebay account

Realizing that eBay guitar was horrible.
I then set out to buy a “real” guitar. It was an ibanez gsa 60 i bought from guitar center, and yup, i sold off the rest of my legos to afford it

The ebay guitar at this point was already taken apart, ready for dissection.

Seeing those Gibson’s, ibanez,s , and prs,s for thousands of dollars, gave me the inspiration to try and build my own guitar.
Ive alaways had this mindset of “i can do that”. And so i did
All though i did eventually build my own guitar wasn’t until ten years later i accomplished that goal.

You name it...i had to learn it!

My first attempt at building a guitar was from a sheet of OSB plywood. And the only tools i had available was a cordless drill and a jig saw.
I then adapted the use of hardwoods from local home improvement stores, Soon after that i started using tone woods , wich are commonly used in guitars.

attempt #5
ash body with a bc rich neck

but i lacked a few things, i didn’t have the proper tools, the workspace, or the experience and discipline.

At this point I’ve reached high school and had access to wood-shop class.
It was in wood shop class that i began to get experience with professional tools like, table saws, band saws, routers, wood glue, and sanders.
Then the real learning started, and i began to progress some more.

I was so known in highschool for being the “guitar guy” that eventually the school featured me in the “school newspaper”

Soon after i graduated, and i was hit with another challenge in life.
I can either work, join the military, or go to school.
I couldn’t afford schooling.
If i joined the military, knowing me i would of pursued special forces, and i have bad eyesight which makes that another challenge. So with that being said i chose to go to work, which eventually led me to a good job doing fiber optics and data communication.
but still, that passion for completing a guitar was still burning.

So, with the majority of the paychecks i made, i invested in my craft. I rented a little 10 x 15 storage unit. Bought all the tools i needed, and materials to build. And set up shop. My first completed guitar was done in that unit.

And then soon after i created Hueite Luthier Works llc.
Ive been supported by many strangers in pursuing this dream i have.
Ive repaired and sold a many guitars, each one teaching me something since my beginning, and i plan to continue.

My whole goal out of all this is to inspire young minority’s, young people who dont have that positive direction in life.

I hope to expose them to new hobbies and passions of music, art, crafts, and hands on work, that can give them a new sense of purpose in life.
Most kids coming where i come from are exposed to a lot of negativity.
And if we continue to cycle in negativity, our futures will always be dark.

Thanks for reading